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We are the New Jersey chapter of the networked Dystopia Rising LARP game series. You'll spend Friday through Sunday as a post-apocalyptic survivor in a simulated wasteland. During this time, you'll make connections, fight off zombies, and deal with other threats in the apocalypse as your character. 

This game takes place in the fictional settlement of Hayven, a location with a lurid back history filled with violence, conflict, betrayal, and desperate acts for survival.  The settlement of Hayven is located on a major trade route line between a narrow dock line as well as the caravan crossroads between Old York, AyeSea, and the Mass.  Hayven is a territory of Old York, with a number of groups and organizations under the descriptor of 'gangs' overseeing both the law and the property of the area.

In comparison to the majority of the wastelands Hayven is a civilized territory.  Sometimes the settlement has electricity, law, and high stakes trading.  As a brewing community the currency of the town, the old world Cred Card, has its value based on the quality and quantity of the towns alcoholic and medicinal stores.

Hayven, as a game location, follows themes that combine post-apocalypse morality, old world frontier town justice, and the survival instincts needed for surviving in a world overrun by the undead.  There is an active financial community filled with crafters, traders, and mercenaries as well as entertainers and cut purses.  In Hayven every faith has representation and a thriving Red Star commune has commandeered a portion of the towns territory. 

Welcome to the territory of Hayven folks.

Ignore them rumors you heard about this place being dangerous.  See, Hayven ain't nothin but a brewing town that sprung up due to necessity.  Here we have some of the best brewers that you will ever find in these here waste lands.  These brewers keep the farmers working, keep the settlements finances flowing, and even ship their potent potables out to settlements as far as caravan drivers can go.


Folk will tell you that Hayven is a den of murderers and psychopaths.  I say to those folk that they ain't painting this settlement in a fair light.  Sure this town got a bit of a history involving body count, but it is one of the most civilized places you will find out here in these zombie filled wastelands.  

And while existing as a bustling 'suburb' of Old York we do get our fair share of bullet and blade happy murder hobos... but this here town as a whole comes together thick as thieves when something is threatening this place.  And lets be fair, who ain't had to kill someone in the past to survive?  If your hands is completely clean of blood I promise you that someone else had done a ton of killing to let you stay that way.

So again, welcome to the town.  See about getting yourself set up with a business and earn your way around here, otherwise someone might come along and decide your boots are worth more than you are.  Find out what laws we are supposed to be following now a days, word is that they keep changing from month to month.  Be sure to keep your eyes sharp to make sure none of them Zed work their way into town to chew you to death and make yourself useful to someone. 

I hear that the new steam train line is doing limited runs in and out of town... so if you feel you need to run away I suggest you catch one of them steamers or a boat right out of town as soon as you can.  The next time a train is coming through here will be in three to four weeks. 

By the by... them is some nice boots you got there.