Being invested in your character and their history is excellent for facilitating good roleplay. However, since we see many backgrounds and stories we ask that the version you provide us is less than two pages. Bullet points are strongly encouraged, especially if your story is complex.

We’ve also included some external writing guides that can get you started! If you’re looking for guidance, inspiration, or other writing help these links will definitely help you out.

Building a LARP Character Concept
A guide by a DR:TX player (and storyteller) on how to write a great backstory.
Tips on writing a great backstory.
TVTropes and the “Mary Sue.”
The Mary Sue Litmus Test
Tropes, race, and audience perception

Thank you for taking the time to submit a background. By providing a background you enable us to better weave your characters backstory into our local game. Below is a list of requirements for submitting a background to make sure that we can ingest it easily and not miss anything.

  • Use Bullet Points. Submissions in story format will not be accepted.

  • Dystopia Rising: New Jersey branch only has control over New Jersey.

  • Look at the Strain restrictions and character age restrictions before submitting a background.

  • Keep all groups you create as small as possible.

  • Brevity and concise bullets increases our ability to add this into our game.

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Please note the requirements for playing different strains at DR NJ
Please have your background go through a spell check prior to posting.
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