- Use Bullet Points. Submissions in story format will not be accepted. 

- Backgrounds can not be accepted until the character has been in play for 2 NJ events or is a character type that requires a pre-approved background.

- DR NJ branch only has control over the Old York and Aysee areas (NY & NJ). Anything outside will need special permission from the owner of that DR Branch, and will only be accepted in very special situations. 

-Look at the Strain restrictions and character age restrictions before submitting a background.

- Keep all groups you create as Small as possible. 

- Please keep it brief as we get many submissions.

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Player Name
Please note the requirements for playing different strains at DR NJ
Please have your background go through a spell check prior to posting.
Any items of key importance not outlined in NPC interaction or travel locations.
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I understand that my background must follow a certain format and guideline.
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