We want you to have fun creating a character to play at Dystopia Rising New Jersey. To help you create them, we've provided some guidelines below to help you make your designs.

Some concepts are not appropriate for your characters under any circumstances, so we'll start there.


Characters physically or mentally under the age of 18. Dystopia Rising New Jersey allows for players under the age of 18 to play with parental/guardian permission and those 16 years or younger must have parent/guardian with them at event. Players 18+ are restricted from playing characters that are younger than 18. Players and characters under the age of 18 are barred from any form of intimate or romantic roleplay of ANY kind.

Slaves and Slaveholders. While there may be many characters in our setting who were once slaves or have had experience with slavery in their backgrounds, no character in our setting may currently be enslaved to or enslave any character or non player character. Background experience and involvement with slavery should ideally be grandparents or further back. Slavery, in particular chattel style slavery, has a horrific history in the United States and we have chosen to minimize the impact of this concept in our local setting.

Concepts strongly influenced by real world cultures. There are real world populations with a rich and beautiful culture that remain extremely important to them as well as those who have been oppressed historically and into the present day. Be mindful of appropriation of real world cultural aspects of these peoples. Under no circumstances should players play as insulting caricatures of these many diverse cultures.

Characters that are a parody or use parody of real world religion or spirituality. People of all religious backgrounds are welcome to play at Dystopia Rising: New Jersey and we wish to respect those beliefs. Please do not include caricatures of modern day religions and beliefs in your character concept.

Characters that use the Confederate flag in their costuming. The Confederate flag is an emotionally charged symbol for many. We have chosen to exclude its use or reference in the Dystopia Rising: New Jersey setting. Please do not include this in your costuming or props in any form.

Background concepts that include sexual assault. As mentioned in our Ingredients List, this theme is not one explored in any chapter of Dystopia Rising. Please do not include this type of experience in your character’s concept or background.

Strain Restrictions

(Please use these restrictions as well as the RULEBOOK when creating your character)

All Strains are welcomed to be played at Dystopia Rising New Jersey. Some Strains however require a bit more costuming than others so if you would like to play any of the below Strains please submit pictures to Contact@DystopiaRisingNJ.com and we will be happy to work with you on approval.

Diesel Jocks
Nation Of Assensors (Ascensions Only)
Remnant (Mutations Only)
Full Dead


Assistance points may be earned by assisting the game with set up, going above and beyond normal player standards, assisting with additional NPC shifts, or by helping with game requested donations (see forums for donation list) or approved charities.