Dystopia Rising provides us with many things. A great community, amazing friendships, and the ability to play in a simulated survival-horror world. At Dystopia Rising New Jersey we recognize how fortunate we are to be able to spend time playing with our friends, and work to try and give back to the community that surrounds us. As a community we have helped people both at home and abroad; today we help in our own back yard.

Now that we have all lived through a fictional famine, you should be able to appreciate that in real life it is much harder to deal with. Not only is hunger a real problem across the world but it is a problem that is local as well. Right in our home town of Sparta there is a kitchen that serves 50 - 75 people a day, who cannot afford regular meals for themselves or their children. So please, if this Starvation plot effected you in anyway consider giving back to the community that we live in, and make a strangers day just a little bit better... and a little more full.

Anyone can donate and enter. Those who are not there in person will still be included and winners will be announced 2-3 days after the event ends. Any AP prizes can be used during the 2015 DownFall event.

Donations accepted from February 10th until March 1st, 2015. 

Food Kitchen we're donating to: 
Manna House
54 High Street - Newton, NJ

This will be a ticketed raffle, where donations are the currency. For every $2 of donated items, the person will receive a raffle ticket. Just bring a receipt and the items to March and we'll give you the tickets. You can also donate directly to the kitchen and just bring us the receipt and we'll give you an extra 3 tickets on top of your $2/ticket donation amount. If shopping or transportation of food is tough for you, you can also do cash donations.  Cash donations can be sent via Paypal to Ashley.Zdeb@DystopiaRisingLLC.com. Raffle tickets will be awarded on a $2.50/ticket basis for cash. Please include "Donation for Manna House Food Drive." in the notes section of the transaction.

The pantries needs list can be found below. Please stick to this needs list for donations:

Manna House Needs List

For non-perishables, we recommend www.uline.com. Shipping is fast and these are the best prices for these things we've found. This will let us get as much distance out of our donations as possible. 


  1. - 200 AP

  2. - 300 AP

  3. - A full set of the DR tabletop books in PDF

  4. - 1 entry ticket to DownFall2015 (does not include additional build or extra characters)

  5. - 1 NPC Opt-out at DownFall2015

  6. - Amazing genre hat from Nuclear Snail

  7. - DR Branch t-shirt, in your choice of location and size

  8. - Custom weapon by James Timblin paid for by DR:NJ. *Not to exceed a $50 value* 

Donations can be delivered to the Double Tap bar before (from Friday 4pm - 9pm) and after (from Sunday 12:15pm - 2pm) the March event. Raffle tickets will be awarded in exchange and prize buckets will be available at that time. Winners will be chosen after the NJ March event ends and winners will be notified via Facebook announcement and private email. 

Anyone who wishes to donate but can not be in attendance should send notice and photos to Ashley.Zdeb@DystopiaRisingLLC.com. Please indicate where you would like your tickets entered into within your email and they will be entered by proxy. (Example: "My donations equal 15 tickets. Please enter 10 into the Nuclear Snail hat and 5 into the custom weapon.")

Anyone who donates but does not win a prize will be awarded 20 NJ AP after the March event closes as a thank you for being a part of the charity.