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Season One

The town of Hayven was a small civilization in the wooded territories to the East of Old York.  Originally a small settlement no greater than forty people, this town survived due to the fact that this location had a un-radiated well water, electricity from a small hydro-electric plant, and enough farmed food to provide for the town as a whole.  Governed by a small group of town Elders, the township of Hayven survived for two generations without much in the way of outside contact. Most of this changed when a communication was received from a large caravan that was traveling north by north east.  This caravan, lost and pinned down, called out for help via an antiquated radio broadcast device that was repaired with local scrap.

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The original settlers of Hayven recovered the lost caravan, and little did they know, that the caravan of hundreds would come to live at Hayven  As the settlement expanded, so did the issues.  Political strife due to conflicting viewpoints, power hungry newcomers, religious differences, and limited supplies caused a great deal of attention to be brought to what was once a small town settlement.  In the coming months many of the town elders were killed, vanishes, or were chased out of their positions.  The ground swell of the new towns growth drew the attention of would be traders, outside threats, and neighboring settlements.  It was not long before other towns came to Hayven looking to either promote trade, or in the instance of the 5th Reich, demand servitude in exchange for a future of slavery.

Within months the town of Hayven was at war with a more technologically advanced settlement controlled by a civilization of Pure Bloods.  The battle against the  5th Reich waged for months until a strike was landed against Hayven that it would not recover from; the power plant and the water supply was lost.  Without much in the way of hope, the township of Hayven packed up their supplies and began the two month hike westward to press a siege against New Berlin.

Season Two

The timing of the attack of New Berlin came at a fortuitous time for the survivors of Hayven   Having traveled for months on end the starving remains of Hayven found most of New Berlin empty due.  After a siege that lasted days, the towns folk found that the majority of the residents of New Berlin had left to continuing an ongoing war with another settlement known only as ‘The Compound’ and a trade federation known as ‘The Kingdom of Herod’.

Facing the very real threat of losing the newly acquired home in a counter attack, the town of Hayven looked southward to Herod’s Kingdom for an alliance.  Accepting the alliance, Herod’s Kingdom mobilized their natural one tribes known as the ‘Centurions’ to move to protect the new territory.  The officials that had brought Hayven to victory against the 5th Reich were given senatorial seats within the Kingdom, and for the first time, an election was held for a local town government.

With tense relations to Herod’s Kingdom due to internal desires of complete independence, the threat of another war, undead onslaughts, and a township that still has technological secrets abound the civilization of Hayven moved into the coming winter as a growing City-State facing all of the trials and tribulations of post apocalyptic re-civilization.  Laws and law enforces began to form.  Holy war was declared as the Final Knights were banned from the territory.  The world of the settlers of  Hayven had become easier and much more complex at the same time.

Season Three

Shortly into the start of season three the relationship with Herod's Kingdom has shifted as the nature of the Kingdom itself has changed.  Finding the head of the Kingdom dead, Herod's Kingdom held a senatorial vote to become the North East Trade Union.  The Trade Union, a series of merchant companies with ties to a multitude of settlements, dispanded it's standing army in favor of localized militia units.  This trade union, abandoning the standard Blood Stone in favor of the Trade Note, takes a back seat in their involvement with local politics in favor of ensuring fiscal stability.


Hayven faced some of it's greatest threats during the third year of existence.  With a war openly waged against a technologically advanced people, difficulties controlling the utilities of the town, plagues of diseases and insects, and religious differences causing stress within the town Hayven buried many of it's own.  Of the original two hundred that sieged Hayvenonly a few handfuls have survived to see the fruition of their labors.  The growth of Hayvennow nearly triple the initial siege numbers, has caused a social rift between those of 'Old' Hayventhose who were present for the siege of 'New' Hayven, and those that have come to the current standing township.


In the third season of Hayven the laws against he Final Knights were repealed, increased laws against slavery were created, and the control of interior political design has begun to shift from the hands of the Senators and former Elders to the hands of the elected council.

Season Four

Season four was a series of victories and defeats for the settlement of Hayven.  The brewing community began to become known for their potent palatable, and trade routes opened all over.  This success brought wealth to some in Hayven while causing a rather large financial rift in the town.  The 'haves' became more affluent while the 'have not's' often walked around with the same scrap equipment that they came into town with.  

Financial unions and organizations fractured the community while resources such as power and water became difficult to actually maintain.  As conflicts and strained relations continued to effect the town the settlement began a painful transformation.  A railroad, a primitive steam powered machine running from the south to the north, had laid tracks in the territory.  This opportunity provided Hayven the chance to open resource networks while facing down the threat of a settlement slowly falling apart.

As raider activity began to grow and the undead became more and more drawn to the area, it seemed that the future of Hayven was a coin flipping in mid flight.  

Season Five

In the 5th year of the Settlement of Hayven, a bitter sweet turning point was reach.  The settlement of Hayven, long since allies of many of the organizations and gangs of Old York, chose to join the network of affiliated gangs under the leadership of the Blue Notes own Affiliates.  With this change the nature of Hayven drastically was altered.  

The elected officials of the town were replaced with a vague network of gang leaders.  The platform of votes, leadership, organization, and centralized government fell away for more localized support and control.  The Affiliates would oversee negotiations of issues between gangs, would own the properties that make up Hayven, and would set very few ground rules.

With the settlement of Hayven becoming a territory of Old York, not unlike the Brokelands or the Heights, new solutions began to bring about new problems.