Welcome to Gang Land...

Back in the day, Hayven was given a choice. It could choose to ally itself with Old York; it could choose to ally itself with the Ayesea; or it could choose to go it alone. In the end, Hayven chose to ally itself with Old York--and the first Hayven gangs came into being, recorded by the Affiliates.

What is the Hayven Gang System?

The Hayven Gang system is a series of groups that are "Affiliated" and recognized by Old York. This comes with certain perks to the groups, and also allows for role play with other Old York gangs. Gangs can either hold turf or not, and can ally themselves with other gangs.

From an out of game standpoint, gangs were instituted to help with the flow of information, and also encourage older players to bring newer players under their wing. Because there has been some misinformation on the purpose of the gangs and what "makes up" a gang, we've listed a few questions and answers about gangs from an out of game and in game standpoint.

What is required to be a gang?

A gang must have at least 10 active members based out of DR:NJ, which are players that have been to game in the past three months. There is no cap on total members.

A character can only be in one gang. If a person has multiple characters, each character can be in a different gang (which we encourage to prevent overlap and conflict of interest).

A gang must pay the Affiliates 20 cred every 6 months to remain a gang. There is an announcement when Affiliate dues are due.

A gang must have an updated roster every six months.

A gang must have a leader.

A gang must have a recognized symbol placed on a patch, and members are encouraged to wear that patch.

A gang must have new fish on the charter. These are players that have been to three games or less.

Does my gang need turf? What if my gang has turf?

Gangs DO NOT need to claim turf. If a gang has turf, they are effectively claiming an area to decorate from an out-of-game standpoint. If the gang does NOT decorate the turf with genre materials, then they cannot claim turf. This is more of an out-of-game understanding than an in-game one.

If a group does not decorate an area and has no plans in the next month to do so, then they cannot prevent another group from decorating an area and "claiming" it.

What are the Affiliates?

From an in-game standpoint the Affiliates are an Old York gang that function as a go between for the other gangs. 

The Affiliates are not present to "rule" or to say what is and isn't allowed. They are simply present to help mediate gang wars and conflict between gangs, and keep track of gangs. This means that while they have influence, they are not there to hold the hands of gang leaders, or step in when there's conflict. If gangs want to fight, they can. If gangs want to ally themselves with one another, they can. The philosophy of the Affiliates is "gangs can handle their own shit." They only step in if things get out of control.

From an out-of-game standpoint, the Affiliates are a group that helps mediate mass CvC. They are present in case two gangs decide to escalate a situation. This way, staff can make sure everyone is "okay" with the situation from an out-of-game standpoint before mass CvC occurs.

If my character is based in DR:NJ, do they have to be in a gang?

Nope! Your character can remain gangless. From an out-of-game standpoint, there's also no "punishment" for those who are without a gang. The only negatives are missed roleplay opportunities and missed opportunities when it comes to being involved in the politics of Hayven. 

From an in-character standpoint, there are some PCs or NPCs that may have issue with your character if they have no gang. However, that's the case for any decision you make as a character. Choices result in roleplay opportunities.