Welcome to Dystopia Rising: New Jersey, the founding chapter of the Dystopia Rising LARP network! Each month, over 20 games across the United States host a post-apocalyptic, wasteland weekend. Lawyers, epidemiologists, baristas, and students all come together to enjoy this shared hobby as they dress up as post-apocalyptic warriors and see if they can survive waves of zombies and raiders.

From Friday night to Sunday, you'll get to create a character and act as one of many denizens of a living, post-apocalyptic world. Think of it a bit like a combination between improv theater and a live action video game that incorporates a sandbox world. That's what larp is.


We're All Telling This Story Together

One of the first things to know is that we're all making this story up as we go along. There is no script and is no pre-destined outcome. There is no way to win the game, unless "winning" is making new friends and telling a great story with others. Our focus with Dystopia Rising: New Jersey is to allow you to have an exciting adventure and fun experience with your friends.

Because of this, we focus on collaborative play. This is largely an event that focuses on banding together with other players against the environment rather than one that pits player against player.


We Focus on Community and People First

Our motto is that people come before characters. We want to be sure that everyone has a fun experience at Dystopia Rising: New Jersey. If you're completely new to this, we recommend that you begin by reaching out to older players on our Community Facebook Group and also follow our Facebook Page for upcoming events and news. Our current players and directors are extremely helpful for anyone coming into this event experience for the first time. 

We also ask that you take a glance at our Community Guidelines page to learn a bit more about what guidelines we expect all players to abide by.



What We Provide

  • A full weekend of post-apocalyptic entertainment at a private campsite from 10 PM on Friday to 12 PM on Sunday.
  • New Player orientation, beginning at 9 PM on Friday
  • A single bunk bed in an enclosed cabin
  • Accessible bathrooms and showers.
  • Access to fridge and microwave
  • An amazing and positive community 

What We Ask of You

  • A post-apocalyptic costume, which can be as simple as a ripped up shirt and torn pants.
  • A latex/larp-safe weapon or nerf gun that you plan to use as your character.
  • A set of dark bottoms and black/blank top that you don't mind getting dirty for your 4-hour NAC shift.
  • Bedding, toiletries, and any medications that you'll need for an overnight stay.
  • Food for the weekend
  • Adherence to our Policies.
  • An open mind excited for the post-apocalypse!

Orientation and Beyond!

At 6:00 PM Friday of each game, we have knowledgeable individuals on hand to help guide your experience at Dystopia Rising: New Jersey at what is known as "The Fish Bowl." If you choose to read no further, that's fine! Show up to site with your gear, ask where The Fish Bowl is, and these individuals will help set you up with your character and orient you so that you can learn more about the game world.

At 9:00 PM, we'll have an individual walk through a refresher demonstration at the Fish Bowl to answer any more questions you may have before the game begins at 10:00 PM.