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Ingredients List

The Ingredients List for Dystopia Rising: New Jersey is meant to give players a sense of what themes will be covered during a typical event. A player will always have the option to “tap out” of scenes where they do not feel comfortable. Tapping out includes giving the “thumbs down” sign to another person (more on the OK Check-In system here). However, we fully understand that this LARP is not for everyone. While it may be a fun and amazing experience for one person, it may not be as fun for another person. Saying “LARP” is like saying “sports.” A person may love basketball and another person may love soccer. They both involve balls, but they’re completely different sports and may not interest every person—and that’s okay.

 Dystopia Rising: New Jersey Events Contain:

Acts of violence, torture, war-like scenarios, and character death. Camping, communal living spaces, dirt roads, focus on player character versus environment. Occasional player character versus player character conflict. Fog, explosive sounds/loud noises, low light, complete darkness, other visual hindrances. In character holidays such as Splosions Day, Old York New Year, and X-Mas. Boffer combat. Simulated gangs and “gang-land.” Simulated gang politics and simulated gang conflict. Attacks at night and night raids by antagonists. Non-player characters to represent both antagonists and friends. In-game disease, in-game religions and cults (no real-world religions are used), in-game mental illness (real psychological conditions are not used). Horror movie themes. Physically demanding modules and experiences that require running, climbing, jumping, or crawling. Simulated drug addiction (no actual drugs used). Simulated drunkenness (no actual alcohol used). Monstrous creatures such as giant insects, giant lizards, and wolf-like creatures (and more). Simulated environmental threats such as earthquakes, plagues, starvation, and droughts. Simulated, post-apocalyptic crafting and economy. Splatter modules (specific modules that warn players ahead of time). Strainism (A parallel to racism that does not use real world racist terms, but is used as a parallel for discrimination). Slavery (used primarily for antagonist content). Swearing. 24-hour character immersion (no “break” times). 

Does Not Contain:

Any content (themes, discussion, jokes, or conversation) that relates to sexual abuse or assault.

Real world violence or non-consensual physical contact.

Use of real world terms or segregation based on any “ism” or bias (Racism, Sexism, gender Bias, etc.).