Local Cults

There are several local cults within the Old York region, both created by players and also created by the world. To join these cults, you must be baptized by a priest of that cult; you cannot come in as part of one of these cults without submitting a background first.

If you wish to create a cult of your own, you must do so in game. You must have at least 10 members who are actively playing, similar to the gang system, and then submit your concept to


The Cult of the Sea King


It’s not a complicated religion. We believe that Snips was a god-king, we believe he’ll conquer the oceans, and we believe he’ll return one day to conquer the surface. In the meantime we prepare the land for his return, we destroy the enemies of the ocean(i.e. Pirates, undead,sea-monsters who are not allied with Snips), and we destroy the enemies of peace(i.e. Zed, Raiders, Undead, assholes). We thank him for his generosity and share it with others.


Those who work upon the sea know of its truly dark underbelly. Along the bottom, far beyond the reaches of man, lies a kingdom in turmoil. Long ago its ruler, the mighty Ocean King of Old was overthrown; deposed by the deep dwelling denizens of the gravemind. In a last ditch effort, its only remaining egg was hidden away in the rivers near the surface. Now Snips, the new Ocean King, has returned to his rightful home. As those upon shore watched their King crawl into the water, they knew this would not be their last meeting. Snips, who had taken the form of a lobster, had grown so immense and powerful that he was ready to release the shackling bonds of the mainland and return to his ocean kingdom, to retake his throne, restore safety and security to his ocean, and grow strong his people.
One day, the Ocean King will return to the surface, and he will bring the peace of the ocean with him. All manner of zed and raider, all those who destroy and ruin the ocean, as well as the land, will be swept away in a great tide of blood. The Ocean King Snips will return to shore, and through force and intimidation, return the surface to a state of peace, as he had done to the ocean. On that day, everyone need only accept and submit to his rule; all who oppose him will be overrun by his armies. For now, his agents make ready the world for his return.

Brief History

The Ocean King came upon the crew of the Fortnight Cardinal several years ago. At the time, he appeared to them as a small lobster. They attempted, foolishly, to cook it. But the Snips, even in its infancy, would not be cooked. It fought its way out of the pot. The Cardinal’s cook tried foolishly to attack it, but Snips caught the knife in its mighty claw and snapped it in two. The Captain fired upon it, but its shell was impregnable. Then the lobster cast his terrible gaze upon the unbelieving crew, and they were cowed. They knew then that this creature was far beyond them. This creature would grow to one day conquer the oceans.
From that day forward, the Cardinal became the servants of the Ocean King. They fed it, carried it about, and showed it the surface that it would one day rule. In return, Snips provided them with his protection. One day, Snips had grown immense, and it was seen by all to be his time. The Crew said a bittersweet farewell to their God and friend, and he crawled back into the water, where he will take his place as the Ocean King. In his absence, those who understand the true power of the God Emperor Snips wait for his potent and volatile return, and make ready the people of the world for his second coming.


The Ocean King is a god. Fear and respect him, and avert your eyes from his terrible magnificence.
The Ocean King cannot be defeated. He will conquer the waters, and then return to conquer the surface. We, his agents, make ready the surface for his return.
The Ocean King is ferocious and unyielding as the sea. So too shall we be.
The Ocean King rules the ocean, to which all waters eventually return. So too do our words and our actions.
The Ocean King is generous. We thank him for his great bounty and share it with others.
The waters are the domain of the Ocean King. Anyone who brings the savagery of the surface world to the waters are enemies of his Kingdom. That includes pirates, slavers, raiders, and anyone who attempts to poison or pollute his waters.
Stay close to water and traverse it often. The Ocean King could call upon you at any time, and it is best to be as near to his domain as possible.


All are equal in the eyes of Snips, but favored are those who cared for him during his time upon the surface.
Those who preach the ways of the faith are known as Captains. The first Captain, upon the introduction of more Captains, becomes the Admiral. The Admiral oversees the doctrines of the faith, and checks in with his subordinate Captains to make sure they are preaching the faith accurately. Any follower of the faith is part of the crew.

Religious Symbols

The symbol of the Ocean King is a blue lobster claw.


The Holifield Cult

History and Summary

Sometimes referred to as “The Family,” the Holifields were originally a cult of Diesel Jocks that traveled across the wastes—largely hunting Gravemind activity. First begun by Wyatt Holifield, the members of this cult believe that areas where there’s high Gravemind activity are holy grounds and places where you can commune with the dead and learn their secrets and knowledge. But in order to open the gate on these holy grounds, a sacrifice must be made—a blood sacrifice in front of their priest. And it must be one of the ones connected with the area. Psions act as the “Gifted Ones,” and their priests are known as the “Enlightened Ones.” They believe in sacrificing those who are unworthy to the Gravemind and journeying through the Gravemind themselves in order to achieve enlightenment. 
In addition, the cult believes that all abilities—from priests to psions—come from one source, the Gravemind. Other religions are just misinformed. Rather than being blasphemous, they are misguided. The Holifield Cult believes in bringing others to the light by showing them “the face of God.”
Since its inception, other Strains have begun to be converted to the Cult. Baptisms include being killed by a priest after a long sermon to prepare the person for the Gravemind. Those who are not worthy are simply killed in a ritualistic fashion.
The head of the Cult is viewed as the "one who rides the world," a position currently held by Wyatt Holifield.



We are precious—every single one of us. We are magnificent creatures who have been given an almighty gift—the ability to house the Infection. It flows through us and around us—in everything we move and touch. And we will seek it without end. For the Infection is the path to truth and light. When it calls, we answer. And when it speaks, we listen. That is our Path. That is our Road. And we will follow it to the ends of the Earth. 
The Gifted Ones are our strength, and we heed them.
The Enlightened Ones know the Path, and we listen.
The Damned Ones will be punished by iron and blood. They will open the Path.
Those who do not follow our ways must be enlightened. Before they follow the Path, they will know the truth. The Enlightened Ones will speak to them and they will know the way.

The Gravemind is the Engine.

Our Faith is the Oil.

Their Blood is the Fuel.

The World is our Ride.


The Holifield Cult is structured with one Father with several Children beneath him/her. If there’s a large enough organization, there may be one Father and several priests beneath him/her who, in turn, control several groups of members. For a comparison, this is structured very similarly to a series of biker gangs, with one head and many beneath them. 

Children often refer to each other as “brother” or “sister” instead of by their real names. This is in acknowledgement of the fact that once you pass through the Gravemind, you become more than yourself—and are connected with the collective consciousness.
The Gifted Ones (or psions) usually wear wolf masks while Enlightened Ones (or priests) wear pig masks. The warriors of the flock wear sheep masks. Those who are new members to the faith usually go without masks entirely.


Usually the Holifield rite of baptism includes being ritualistically killed by a priest. Passing through the Gravemind is viewed as a form of enlightenment where you connect with the group consciousness. During this period, it’s viewed that you also receive a chance to see yourself as others may see you. From this, you become more enlightened and are able to return to learn from past mistakes and move forward. Once a person emerges from the Gravemind, they are greeted by fellow cult members who then hold a celebration in the person’s honor.

View of Other Religions

The Holifield Cult views other religions as misguided. No matter their religion, each priest can perform the same rites and miracles; this means they draw their power from one source: The Gravemind.

The Hedons know how to live, but they don't know how to die--they have forgotten the Path.

Darwins focus forward, but never on themselves as singular creatures. They have forgotten that even the present is sacred with the Infection within each person.

Final Knights know that we are all damned, but do not see the glory in understanding the truth of the world.

Fallow Hopes are in denial. They seek to rid the world of something precious and sacred.

The Sainthood understand that we must help one another. But they do not understand that death is not a curse or a punishment; it's a chance to learn.

The Nuclear Family has a structure that can be used. They do not understand that a family is just a structure, and not a whole religion.

The Tellingvisionists worship just one of the venues that the Gravemind uses to contact us. They do not understand it is the Gravemind attempting to speak to us.

The King's Court also worships just one of the venues that the Gravemind uses to contact us. They do not understand it is the Gravemind attempting to speak to us.

The Tribes of Seasons know of the cycles--including that of life and death. But they do not understand the whole of it. They do not understand the enlightenment of the Gravemind and the connection that flows through all of us--not just in seasons, but in all things.


The symbol of the Holifield Cult is an opened eye with a motorcycle wheel at its center.