1) We have a special New Player check in run by our New Player Marshals who can help build you a character, find you a bed, and get you all of your item cards to start play. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and our New Player staff will be happy to help.

     Before you get to game if you are looking how to Create a Basic Contact Safe Weapon, an Advanced Contact Safe WeaponHow to Distress a CostumeMake a Packet for guns or abilities  or How To Write a Backstory  just click these links.

2) At your first DR NJ event we will provide a starter weapon card for every weapon skill you have.  We will also provide a starter armor card for players up until their 3rd event.  Starter armor cards are very limited, with only a rating between 1 and 30 points of armor.  To determine how much armor you get for your starter armor we will have you wear the armor.  You will get 1-10 points based on materials used, 1-10 points based on percent of body coverage, and 1-10 points based on how appropriate the armor is for genre.  You must wear ALL portions of your armor to be allowed to gain the benefit from armor cards.  You will be provided a starter weapon for each weapon skill that you have at character creation (starter gun, starter bow, starter melee, set of 6 starter javelins, set of 6 starter thrown weapons).  You will be provided a starter Crash Kit if you have the First Aid skill (be sure to bring a prop, as players are required to carry a designated physical representation).  All characters that start with the 'Brewing' skill will be provided 2 snake oil brew cards at their first event.  Specialty weapons such as rifles, knucks, grenades, and traps will not be provided.  

Quality weapons, armor, and materials can be crafted in game.  This game has over 1000 unique blueprints for brews, meals, armor, weapons, and gizmos.  You do not have to change your physical representation every single time you upgrade your equipment, however we suggest adding components to your armor and shield to represent the quality increase.

All starter equipment will have a 1 year expiration date applied to it.  Brews and Crash Kits gained via starting equipment will be limited to a 6 month expiration date. 

We allow firearm and bow users to have limitless packets as long as the packets are completely biodegradable and follow the packet creation guideline provided by Dystopia Rising.  We only allow 20 non biodegradable darts which all must be marked with your player number.  This is due to the fact that darts, if not found, have a negative impact on the environment.    


3) Pack enough food for the weekend. Please make sure you also bring a container for water, since you'll be spending a lot of time running around. Speaking of...

4) We are a 24 hour immersion game.  You will eat and sleep in character.  With that try to keep your food stuffs in genre appropriate packaging and wear genre appropriate clothes to sleep.  If you must sleep out of character for medical reasons please email DRNJCoord@gmail.com with a note from a doctor explaining that while you need to sleep out of play you are still healthy enough to take part in the rest of the events at game. 

5) Basic details of world genre are in the free players guide here.  The majority of genre materials are located in the Dystopia Rising Table Top Books.  While you do not HAVE to know the materials in these books, they will enrich your game play experience a ton.  The same way that live action role playing games based on popular fandoms are only exceptional if you know the materials, the same applies to DR LARP.  While you can have a blast at the game not knowing anything, you will get a much deeper and richer experience from knowing the table top books.

6) We are a community based game.  We want you to come, enjoy, have fun, and be a part of our community.  As a community we have certain guidelines that everyone must follow that are in our rule book.  Gender bias, racism, threats, or any other form of persecution and obnoxious activities expressed to our players on an out of character level isn't welcome.  We strongly ask that all of our players and staff leave any baggage at the door, enjoy a fantastic gaming weekend, and keep reality and game separated. We are all here to have an awesome time doing a hobby we all love and we do our best to keep the focus on that. 

7) We are a part of networked play.  There are many other games that are all linked together to make a really cool living and breathing world.  Because of that, your character must be based somewhere in the New York/New Jersey region.  We will not approve characters that were 'people of note' or come from 'families of note' outside of the New York/New Jersey area.  As per the background section of the book, you need to submit a background for approval if you want to be any sort of high standing, high ranking, well known, or influential muckety muck before entering game.  Our game is based on the town of Hayven, so you should focus your efforts for your back story as for WHY and HOW your character came to Hayven.

8) Our site has tents, buildings, heated buildings, fire places, kitchens, showers, and flush toilets.  If you want to use the kitchen for more than microwave use, please contact the kitchen marshal to sign up for a kitchen shift.  To contact a kitchen marshal or to contact any of our staff members, please follow the link for the forums and set up an account.  Our staff members track the forums to answer your questions, but will not track mediums such as Facebook.  Please try to keep your questions and requests limited to the provided forums or email, and do not ask questions of staff members of Dystopia Rising via messenger, text message, phone call, or at social events outside of Dystopia Rising New Jersey game events.  You should pack with the intent that you may be sleeping in an outdoor tent for the weekend.  Cots, sleeping pads, extra blankets, and pillows are recommended all year round.

9) There is a section of suggested supplies in the LARP book, we highly suggest you bring these items plus whatever personal health and hygiene items you may need.  Any items that are not genre appropriate should be stowed away in trunks or genre appropriate bags until you need them. 

10) If you are planning on playing a character that trades in scrap, herb, or produce you need to bring a number of bags with you to fulfill requirements outlined in the DR LARP rulebook.  If you are planning on playing a brewer, or a character that uses many brews, please bring genre appropriate plastic bottles with you to game to store liquids in.  With just a little effort appropriately shaped plastic drinking bottles can be found cheaply, often filled with liquids you will need during a DR LARP weekend (we all could use to drink more water!). 

11) When you attend game, you will need to fill out a release form before you will be allowed to play. This waiver can be found here.  We encourage you to print this at home and bring it with you.