Age Requirement

Anyone under 18 needs a parent/guardian signed consent and release waiver before they can attend.
Attendees 16 and under are allowed on a case by case basis and are required to have a parent or guardian with them throughout the weekend.

Beds and Tenting

We don't provide AP for varying sleep arrangements. Our site is generally open tenting, but players will need to check-in and be approved on their tenting location (for anything outside of the pre-installed platform tents. Genre approved tents and set ups will be allowed in main and public spaces.


There is free parking on site. There is one small parking lot next to the site as well as a large site connected to the side of the site, there is also “along the road” parking. All parking is on a “first com first serve” basis.

Out of Game

If players require accommodations for their sleeping arrangement or other such arrangements for uninterupted sleep at night please use: We do not require 2 weeks advance-- though requests close to the event can't be guaranteed for accommodations.

Hours of Operation

(During the Summer we are on adjusted hours). No one is allowed on site, including the parking lots before 5:30pm. Gates open to everyone at 6:30pm; Check in starts at 6:30pm. Opening announcements at 9:30pm. We run Check-in at our Ops Desk; which is available throughout the weekend for anything needed. The Ops Desk and our IG Post Office are both open from 8am-4am Fri-Sun. Game ends at 12pm Sunday, via closing announcements; followed by clean up.

Smoking + Fire

All forms of legal smoking is allowed on our campsite and parking lot.
All smoking must be 20ft away from buildings and entrances.
Must be 21+ to smoke while on site; and will be carded throughout the weekend.

There are designated fire pits where open flame fires can be built and used. Live fires must be supervised at all times.
Camp stoves, burners, and small grills are allowed but need to be cleared.

Selling Goods and Services

Selling crafts, costuming, and other items at Dystopia Rising New Jersey is not permitted. If a person has purchased an item made by another player before a Dystopia Rising New Jersey event, that person can bring the pre-purchased item and make the delivery at an event. This includes but is not limited to food, props, and costuming.

Real world money may not be exchanged for items of In Game Value, ever.

No contact policy

The “No Contact” Policy is a system by which attendants to a Dystopia Rising branch may prevent interaction with another player, on the grounds of interpersonal issues.

Akin to “blocking” someone on a video game, this allows each player the ability to pursue a positive and fun experience at a Dystopia Rising event in the method best suited for that individual. The No Contact policy does not replace or circumvent any of the other safer-space standards currently in place.

How to Enact A Non-Contact:

1: Read through the information below.
2: Complete the form at the bottom. Doing so confirms your understanding and acceptance of the information.
3: The form is processed into our system.
4: A standardized form message is sent to the person(s) to be receiving the no-contact, along with a link to this page.
5: The person receiving the no-contact completes the same form.
6: Confirmation is entered into our system.
7: Every three calendar months a representative will reach out to the person who submitted the initiating no-contact to confirm if it is still in place. After 4 check-ins (one year), the no-contact becomes permanent in our system and no further check-ins are required.

8: If, at any time, the creator wishes to remove the no-contact they can simply reach out to any of their game representatives and inform them.

 This Policy’s Intentions

  • The intention of this policy is trust. You know what you need for yourself best and have a good understanding of personal responsibility.

  • If you feel a need to not be around someone for personal safety or mental health then we trust you and do not require any personal information or reasoning.

  • This is a tool for safety. We trust you to make the decision that is best for you.

Please Be Aware

  • This is in no way a legal solution.

  • This is for interactions at a Dystopia Rising run event only.

  • We are an entertainment company and do not have the ability to make rules for people in their personal lives outside of our privately run event spaces.

  • If you need additional help outside of our consideration your local team can work with you to help find resources.

No Contact Means

  • Not being in the same scenes at the same time.

  • Not contacting them in person or through online means, calls or texts for the duration of the event.

  • Not contacting them through friends, associates or intermediaries.

  • Not continuing story lines between characters in game.

No Contact Does Not Mean

  • Using this to block people from their designated sleeping area, bathrooms or food.

  • Using this as a tool to exclude others from community or story based activities.

  • Using this as a tool for harassment in any way. This will be taken very seriously if mistreated.

  • Using this as a way to avoid in character repercussions. That can be handled in more appropriate ways.


  • A No Contact may be removed at any time by the person who enacted it.

  • In hopes that most issues will be resolved in time your local branch will check in with you every 3 months to see if you want to keep your No Contact in place.

  • Game Runners may decide to remove a No Contact if it is found to be used as a tool of harassment and exclusion of the other party.

Additional Stipulations

  • This applies equally to both parties in all DR spaces.

  • Please respect the request. There is no need to ask why this is being sent.

  • Please don’t make it known publicly as an attempt to gain sympathy or harass. The goal is to respect each others space and privacy.

  • Please tell a Guide if there is a Casting conflict.

  • Please operate in good faith and don’t assume the bad intentions if the other party walks into a room they didn’t know you were in.

  • Please inform the game runners at a travel event if necessary.

  • A No Contact is ended only when all parties are informed.

If These Terms Are Not Followed

  • The local team will manage this based on the situation.

  • This will not be a judgment based on the reasoning for the No Contact but on the way that it was not followed.

I confirm that I have read all of the above points and will personally abide by them for the duration of the No Contact *
Name *