What is a Marshal? A marshal is someone who accepts a higher level of responsibility at Dystopia Rising: New Jersey. Marshals are extremely important for the structure and well being for the game overall. A marshal shift takes place during your standard Casting Block and their responsibility can take on many irreplaceable forms. Operations Marshals take on the task of making sure there is content to run out in the field and to take notes on the story that took place so that Writers can maintain proper continuity int their writing. Rules Marshals get Cast ready to mobilize quickly, provide them with the proper stats and make sure mods are run as intended. Coord Marshals run the Post office and make sure that the most industrious of players get what they need and with as little error as possible. Settings Marshals ensure that our Cast go out into the world, costume and makeup'ed on par with the best of em


Being a marshal during a Season can be taxing at times and those who take on these important roles should subscribe to the notion of “self care”. Marshals can now, and are encouraged to take a season off if they are feeling at all burnt out from helping keep many number of games, running each year. These things take their toll. It is alright to take a break.

To all of our Marshals Past, Present and Future… Thank You. Never stop being amazing.


If you are filling out this form, you have been a part of our Marshal Team in the past. In order to submit this form, you should be a member in good standing with our Chapter, and have NO disciplinary actions in the past 12 months. You are expected to always represent the game and the Chapter in the best possible way, always showing empathy and holding true to the progressive ideals of Dystopia Rising and following proper Marshal etiquette.

Please fill out the following form truthfully and to the best of your ability.

Name *
If you are applying for a different Marshal position than previously.
What would you have done differently, if given the chance?
Given the chance, do you think you would have acted differently?
Please note that Marshals should not act as Marshals at any Travel event outside their Local Game, unless previously confirmed to have permission.
Do you believe you would have done anything differently, in retrospect?