Welcome to the September 2019 event of Dystopia Rising: New Jersey.
Below find information on what will happen during the event, a general schedule and ways you can get involved. We can’t wait to see you!


Event Schedule (outline, more details to come as the event gets closer):

FRIDAY NIGHT - the final horde, sunless garden, alliance map brought in
SATURDAY DAY - reconstruction modules, early political and government information
SATURDAY EVENING - sunless garden, government meeting, alliance map heavy use
SATURDAY NIGHT- sunless garden, introduction of new threat, espionage

Sunless Garden - Dive in to retrieve your long dead friends and potentially learn more about what happened during the 3 Year Horde from the dead. While characters have their own stories from the three years of constant undead war, there are still untold stories from some of the people of the locations within the PicTin Alliance. While we are sure the undead threat was the primary cause of death, even in times of struggle hard decisions need to be made about the value of life. The Sunless Garden experiences will occur primarily at night on Friday and Saturday.

“Oh, God! That bread should be so dear, And flesh and blood so cheap!”

― Jacob Riis

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Siege Mentality - The world is different to the minds of a survivor of DR. Even the toughest and most mentally stable of survivors can't stand a siege of the undead for so many years and not come out fractured. Explore the social, economic, and morale ramifications to the PicTin Alliance as each settlement scrapes to bring a semblance of peace and drown out the voices of the dead. This will come to a head on Saturday early evening when the town of Hayven is called together with representatives and directives from the other members of the PicTin alliance to establish a government structure. In addition, players may opt to take fractures for the amount of time they spent in Hayven during the siege. Each fracture, up to a maximum of ten will grant a character a token to be able to influence the PicTin Alliance map as a nod to their continued efforts during the siege.


Rebuilding - The town of Hayven survived but there is rebuilding to be done. Going back to the roots of survival horror means creating and upkeeping meager infrastructure to keep the night at bay with flickering lights and shoddy generators. Throughout the weekend, players will experience persistent modules designed to be a toyetic experience to bring power back to the town of Hayven, set up fortifications and re-establish Hayven as the pinnacle of post apocalyptic survival. These modules will be throughout the weekend with more hands on experiences occurring during the daylight hours.

The Miasma - With rotting flesh comes illness. Biting flies, maggots and flesh eating beetles have become a normal sight. While no more than a nuisance to a survivor, the disease they bring can bring the sturdiest to their knees. A plague unseen since 1347 is about to be unleashed. Survivors who opt into this experience will come into play with not only a higher level of the disease “Miasma”, but also a token to be able to influence allies as a nod to their persistent presence during the three years and subsequent carrying o the disease.

Persistent Map - The PicTin Alliance, with Hayven at its western most edge, is not dissolved now that the threat is over. A persistent map is being introduced to DR:NJ which will work alongside skills being introduced in 3.0, the CAPS system, and good old fashioned in game modules, roleplay and bribe- I mean - money to build up or destroy allies. These changes will affect everything from threat levels, goods/prints traders come in with and the amount of fiscal resources at Hayvens disposal. Friday night, players will see for the first time the staggering damage undertaken by the allies of the PicTin Alliance and be able to influence decisions in perpeptitude. This experience will be ongoing throughout the weekend.

PicTin Alliance Ranks - A final feature of the PicTin Alliance map will be the use of ranks for characters. These ranks may have influence on Non Agency Characters and can be used as a way to make some changes to some elements of the map. Ranks will be able to be earned not based on experience, but on a system of deeds (remember marching orders?), modules and other individual experiences that have everything to do with a character's participation in the world. Every character that opts in to having at least one fracture and has at least one war story during the three year time skip will automatically be assigned the first rank. Any character that takes five fractures will be assigned a second rank and anyone that takes the full ten will get a third as well as a module specifically to address this mental status of the character. More information will be added about this ranking system in the future.

RSVP Coming mid-September, 2019