Camp Sacajawea.
844 White Lake rd, Lafayette NJ 07848.



Camp Sacajawea is comprised of 200 beautiful acres of land in Sparta NJ, right off of White Lake Road. The grounds consist of a several buildings, numerous set features, a lake with a beach, two ponds, a stream with bridges, countless trails and clearings as well as other natural areas of interest. The Camp has sleeping arrangements for approximately 200 people in the winter and many more in the summer, spring, fall.

How to Get Here

From NY / NJ, Take I-80 West to Route 15 North.

  • Follow Route 15 for about 11 miles, until the highway narrows at a light and becomes a 2 lane road. Continue north.

  • Make a right onto White Lake Road, and follow it for about a mile - Camp Sacajawea is on the right side of the road, on a curve.

  • While there is a small lot out in front of the Main Building, it is HIGHLY recommended that you park in the parking lot. The lot is before the Main Building, before the Ranger's house. You can unload at the building and then park at the lot.

Public Transit:
Dover, NJ is the closest train station, accessible by both bus and train.
Uber/Lyft/Taxis are consistantly available, and generally cost about $10 for the trip to camp. Cell reception is good in most areas of the campground.


There are two available parking lots for the camp, one large and one small. There is also some roadside parking. All parking for the site is on a “first com first serve” basis.


Main House / Great Hall

The first floor of the main house consists of one main foyer, two rooms, one bathroom with shower and two room kitchen area with an industrial stove/oven industrial refrigerators and industrial sinks. The second floor of the main house consists of four rooms and a larger bathroom with two stalls, and two showers.  Connected to the main house is the Great Hall, which can seat 150 people. The entire building is heated, has running water, electricity and plumbing. 

Health Lodge

The Health Lodge consists of a large main room with fireplace, a built in kitchen with sink, cabinets, oven/stove and refrigerator. There are two side rooms and a bathroom with shower. The cabin is heated, has running water, electricity and plumbing. 

Tower Cabin

The tower cabin is one large room, with a refrigerator and electric heat.

Waterfront Cabin

The Waterfront Cabin is one large room with electric heat.