One of the aspects about 3.0 we are very excited for at DR:NJ is working closer with the notion of Societies and Secret Societies. While there will be multiple Societies players can interact with and even join coming from the minds of our talented team, we know that players are also stoked to create their own.

A Society is not just a collection of Leading Characters (LC's) or friends who want to have ties to each others' characters, but instead a deeply held pact between LC's. What this means is to create a Society, players will need to submit some basic information but are encouraged to include more in order to flesh out the identity of the Society:

  • Each Society needs at least ten Leading Characters to create a Society.

  • The Society must have a structure of command or outline of how decisions are made.

  • The Society must have bylaws, rules, codes of conducts, ways for promotion of ranks etc that should be followed.

  • The Society should have some semblance of response for when those rules are broken.

  • The Society must have a clear way that LC's can leave or be removed (yes, this can mean death! Just be sure everyone involved talks first!)

  • The Society must have a reason to exist. This is where you can let your creativity shine. Examples can be a mercenary unit who patrol the roads of The Pictin Alliance, a secret group of assassins who work together for the betterment of humanity, a collective of knowledgeable individuals who believe a second fall might come and they strive to stop it, etc.

If you would also like to include a history for the Society with the implication that the Society has been revitalized, formed a new or has Casted Characters who have been within the Society before, we would like to encourage you to work with our team to develop this.

Once you have read the above and still want to create your own society, great! Please fill out the form bellow and answer all of the questions to the best of your ability.

Why does your society exist?
At least 10 locally based Leading Characters are required. (Character Names & Player Numbers)
Howe will decisions be made?
Your society's bylaws and means of rank progression. Response to when rules are broken.
The process for a Leading Character to leave or be removed from the society.
History, background or other important info. Use Bullet points.
Include the names of all the founding players and their player numbers. By signing you are confirming that all founding members KNOW and all AGREE with what is written above.