Welcome to the broadcast home of the

VOICE OF OLD YORK.  A independent broadcast network operating with the assistance of the Church of Sound and protected by half the thick necks of Old York.

Broadcasting from on top of the Mpyre Dogs building and relayed across all the boroughs and suburbs of Old York; The Voice brings you truth, justice, and a solid dose of shaddup from the Brokelands to the Heights.      

So if you are a band, and you want to perform for The Voice, or if you are a fan that wants to send in your underwear or barely legible questions then feel free to contact via the runner address provided.  

So remember Old York, speak hard and speak the truth.   Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Step loud, step large, and step on anyone that would try to hold you down. But above all else, make sure to raise your voice.

- This is Happy Harry signing off.