Advanced Memberships, an Interactive Map and Fractures

Today, we have a… three-fer? One more than the normal two-fer. We’ll let you make up your own term for it if you want. English is a weird language.

First, a cool update on Advanced Memberships and merch. Then, a double-feature from our Experience Design team on some stuff you’ll see at the Sept event and in the future.

As always, if there are topics you’d like to hear more about, let us know in the comments!


Advanced Memberships and Merch!

We told you awhile ago that advanced memberships were going to be moving to be sold at the branch level. Well, it’s happened! You can now buy your membership directly from us! We’re also working on building a full merch store that you can buy from online and then pick up at your next event (or have shipped, up to you). More to come on the merch stuff, but for today here is the link to where you can buy advanced memberships.

Advanced Membership page!


PicTin Alliance Map & Fractures: Sept 2019 edition

Today we wanted to talk a bit about some of the new things coming to DR:NJ for our Premiere event this month.

Two key features are going to be introduced this event. The PicTin Alliance Map as well as the story surrounding Opt In Fractures. The map has a lot more to do than just giving the characters of DR:NJ updates on the current status of their allies. Which brings us to a great point.

You’ll need your allies. The world is about to get darker and it’s not enough to be able to swing a stick, amass wealth or talk your way out of situations. One ally might offer resources, another munitions and yet another food. The amount of goods produced and changes to mods will be evolving on a monthly basis depending on what players do.

What are some of these things players can do? Players will be able to assist on modules that will specifically help one ally or another. Players will be able to secure resources for allies and divide them as they see fit. Players with certain “skill sets” might even be able to hinder or redirect resources, employ sabotage or create scapegoats. All of these actions will have an effect that will be seen in how characters coming from those allied areas react to Hayven, the deals they might give players or a plethora of other nuanced changes.

A tid bit of information based on our August event supply distribution and the details of a future post. “High Point” and “Dark Water” are looking damn good right now. The others might not have fared as well during the seige of the undead.

Next up is some basic information about fractures. Players who opt into taking different numbers of fractures will be given an opportunity to affect the map in varying ways. Why is this? Why would fractures give a character a bit of an extra say?

The fact is the world is dark. The world is cruel and a siege of this magnitude would fracture those who put themselves on the front lines, who gave up their food ration for others, who spent twelve hours in surgery. This commands a level of respect with those of the PicTin Alliance. While we like to have fun and joke about how “crazy” our characters are, we ask that if you are interested in taking the fractures so that you can give your character an excuse to be afraid of pickles. Don’t.

We want to inform the roleplay of this level of devastation, not mock it, with mechanics that back up that roleplay and in doing so, engage players with a different avenue of modules. Maybe it means your character is startled by loud noises. Maybe your character flees first before engaging undead, assessing the situation fully before attacking. Maybe your character will draw a gun on a Retrograde if they suddenly come into view.

At the end of the day, fractures were built into the new system as a way for players to explore that aspect of living in a rough world. But it should never be something used as an opportunity to be silly, gimmicky or otherwise “light-hearted”. If you’re unsure how to respectfully explore these kinds of ideas, we definitely encourage you to talk to your fellow players or reach out to the team.

And if you have a friend or fellow player who seems like they could use some guidance, offer to help. They might not want input, but if we can work from a base of assuming best intentions, we can all grow and do better.

With these two things (to start) we are excited to bring this next level of dark horror to the game. 



New Database and Secret Societies!

We missed you last week. The last handful of months has had a lot going on and while this blog is still new, there was just more than we could juggle last week. But, we’re back and a day early. So we hope you missed us the same.

Today, in our now standard format of Logistics Info part and then Story info part, we have some cool shit for you to do with your own hands. Check it out.

The New Database; or How I Rebuilt My Sweet-Ass Characters!

On Saturday, the new Database rolled out and everyone was sent an email to the address they have on their account. Once you reset your password and log-in, you can rebuild your character in the 3.0 system!

If someone you know did not receive their password reset, please have them email to confirm player number and email. If you use AOL or Yahoo, just use the links below. Both have a really hard time with our emails. Also, might be worth adding a different email to the database, in case we ever need to send you something again.

Your characters will have all available build up to 8/15/19 and will not lock into place until you check into your first 3.0 event. On 9/14, any outstanding build will be updated into the builder for you to apply to your character.

You will be allowed one full rewrite per character within the first three events played. You’re also not obligated to finalize any character you’re not ready to play.

Link to reset password: HERE

Link to character builder, post password reset: HERE

Since we’ve been asked, there are no restrictions in NJ on how many Achievements a character can start with (within the confines of their build and such, of course). So have at!

Secret Societies and You!

One of the aspects about 3.0 we are very excited for at DR:NJ is working closer with the notion of Societies and Secret Societies. While there will be multiple Societies players can interact with and even join coming from the minds of our talented team, we know that players are also stoked to create their own.

A Society is not just a collection of Leading Characters (LC's) or friends who want to have ties to each others' characters, but instead a deeply held pact between LC's. What this means is to create a Society, players will need to submit some basic information but are encouraged to include more in order to flesh out the identity of the Society.

Each Society needs at least ten Leading Characters to create a Society.

The Society must have a structure of command or outline of how decisions are made.

The Society must have bylaws, rules, codes of conducts, ways for promotion of ranks etc that should be followed.

The Society should have some semblance of response for when those rules are broken.

The Society must have a clear way that LC's can leave or be removed (yes, this can mean death! Just be sure everyone involved talks first!)

The Society must have a reason to exist. This is where you can let your creativity shine. Examples can be a mercenary unit who patrol the roads of The Pictin Alliance, a secret group of assassins who work together for the betterment of humanity, a collective of knowledgeable individuals who believe a second fall might come and they strive to stop it, etc.

If you would also like to include a history for the Society with the implication that the Society has been revitalized, formed a new or has Casted Characters who have been within the Society before, we would like to encourage you to work with our team to develop this.

DR:NJ wants to explore the nature of these Societies with the advent of 3.0 and we look forward to working with players to create an immersive world where the Societies can have lasting impact on Hayven.


That’s it for today folx. If there are specific topics you’d like us to talk about, tell us. We come up with these as things make themselves apparent to us. But maybe there’s something you really want to know about that we haven’t thought of. Leaving a comment here is the best way to send us a line.

Till next time, enjoy poking around all your new skills and things. Game on!



One Last Round of New Things!

Hello again!

As we slide into the event weekend, we have one last big 3.0 announcement to tell you about. It’s about the structure of the network as a whole and while we’ll be the first to admit that change can be scary, we’re very excited about how the bright the future looks with this stuff. So, join us for a couple handfuls of words.


We have some great announcements for you today!!

There has been a lot of discussion behind the scenes about how we can use the opportunity of 3.0 to make the changes that will make all of the games stronger and give you guys a better experience. There were many things in 2.0 that we all did out of habit from old Larps or because it never occurred to us that we could or should change them and today we have some new directions that break some old barriers and will take us all in a much better and more fun direction.

Recently all of the branches were given a vote on these changes and I can say that we here at NJ voted yes as we are very excited. Below we will bullet point the main ideas.

- Local Branches are now taking center stage: This is the main focus of the changes below. DRLLC realized that what you all love about Dystopia Rising is the relationship you have with us at your local branch so they are taking real steps to give us more control, more say and more of a share of the profits. All of this is done so that we can make a better experience for you and so you can support us like you always have but more directly. The points below are the plan on how we will do that

- Collaboration: Those of you who have reached out about 3.0 may have noticed that we were able to give your feedback directly to the development teams and get answers and updated based on it. This is because the branch runners now have more of a direct say in how we operate and what gets done. These changes below for instance were put up for a vote and all of the branches decided that this was the way to go unanimously. So going forward we will be able to give your voices a bigger platform through our votes.

- Premier Events: Instead of having one big national event like Downfall or Uprise which everyone has to travel to, we will be moving to “Premier Events” which are special story events that every branch gets to run. This means that you no longer have to get on a plane to be part of the big event of the year, but also you have the opportunity to do so as there will be big events at every branch.

These events will either be the kick off or midway point of our years major story arch and will also have elements of world story that every branch will share as well as regional plot that we will work on with our neighbors in DR MA.

These premier events will have the ability to gain additional Build just like was the case for Downfall as well. The goal is to make what was national stories now local stories told on a network wide scale.

- Downfall: Because of this move to Premier Events Downfall will not be run this year. We want to start 3.0 off on the right foot with the Premier Events so we had to choose one or the other. As we got to vote on it, even as the branch that was executing Downfall for the last 9 years we knew that this would be best for all of the branches including you guys as you can now have this same fun in your back yard.

For those of you who were excited to take part in Downfall we have great news for you. As we are the team that was going to execute the event we will be running the Downfall event as the first Premier NJ event next month on September 27-29 at Camp Sac. (We’re going to see if we can start the event Thursday, we’ll let you know when we find out.) So you will be able to have all the fun of Downfall in your home branch just like old times : )

For those of you who already pre registered for Downfall don't worry we've got you. There is a separate post that will explain all of that linked here below, but the tl;dr version is we understand the concerns and will make it work for you.

You can go HERE to see the info from INC. Anyone who purchased a ticket should also receive an email to the address listed in their ticket purchase.

- Regions: In order to tell the bigger stories without the national events we have broken the country into 5 Regions. Each region will have a linked story that the branches will work together on collaboratively to add larger story elements. Regions can also work together to make even bigger world story.

This will also help us address event overlap in the future and best plan the Premier Events.

- Sharing Membership: DR LLC has very graciously offered to share in the profits of the Advanced Memberships to us running the branches. So starting in September if one of you buys an Advanced Membership, which is great and you should totally do it ( ; , the DR NJ branch will profit from that sale. So now you will be supporting us locally which will help us to run our events, afford more production and likely allow Tom to get more tattoos.

This was an incredibly generous offer from DR LLC to us and to you so that you can know that your money is going to support us directly.

- Merchandise: Lastly soon all merch will be sold by us directly, which will allow us here at DR NJ to make more specific merch about our local stories and customs as well as allowing us to profit directly from all merch sales and not just those we did in person. This is also a very generous effort from DR llc to allow us to thrive from your purchases and to show you that your purchases go to good causes like allowing Liv to only go through your trash because it's a hobby.

I know that all of the branches are very excited about this and I can say that we here at DR NJ are absolutely excited about all of these opportunities as well. Thank you all for joining us for the amazing times in 2.0 but we would like to say that it is looking like 3.0 is shaping up to be even more of an exciting time.



The Three Year Horde!

Hello! We’re back! The August event is this weekend and we hope you’re as pumped about it as we are.

Today, we have an update on the 3.0 Trade-In store and some great info on the horde that overtakes Hayven in the 3 year gap coming up.

If anyone has written or wants to write up a piece on what happens to their character in the time-jump, let us know. We might be able to share it with the rest of the group (don’t be fooled, we’re just excited to hear about what you have a vision of!)


2.0-3.0 Trade In Store (updated)

Thanks to a great suggestion from Aesa in Texas, we’ve added “Survivors Talisman” to the mix. Check it out in the updated file, which you can find HERE.

We’ve also added Creature Comforts and Traps into the chart, they got missed somehow in the first version.

Remember that we’ll have someone on site all Sunday this weekend who will be available to do your trade-ins for you. Make some plans ahead of time and beat the rush by getting it done this weekend!

The Three Year Horde

One of the main antagonists in the world of Dystopia Rising is the omnipresent threat of being chewed alive by zombies. Zombies in the world of Dystopia Rising are like the weather; A constant force of nature that we are powerless to stop.

When one zombie sees prey and moans, it triggers a cascade effect. The zombie ten feet away hears that moan and follows the sound towards food. Thirty feet from that one, another follows. This chain reaction can reach for miles an converge into what we call hordes.

Just like in pre-fall, Hayven is situated in a densely populated area in the post-fall world, situated between multiple major cities and the former most densely populated area in the United States. It is reasonable to see how the "weather" here could be frightening.

As DR:NJ has grown and evolved, technology has slowly progressed. Music can be heard filling the air on any given night, the hum of generators whirl on and the sound of fighting can be hard both for survival and sport. You can see the problem.

That zombie heard the sound of a band playing two years ago in the double tap and moaned. Another heard this, moaned, and drew in more. More and more were drawn in in an avalanche of bodies that will culminate in wave after wave of zed hammering the region of the Pictin Alliance for years to come. During this time, survivors can expect to be hit with massive hordes of bodies almost every hour and sometimes lasting hours on end. In the end, the number of dead will be incalculable. The psychological damage of being under siege with limited access to the outside world save for the few and lucky who manage to squeeze between the masses clustered and converging on Hayven will be immense. Paranoid, sleep deprived and malnourished, the survivors of Hayven during this three year long siege will come out stronger in the end. We hope to explore this aspect in DR:NJ 3.0 as a year long arc in the aftermath of such a siege and look to our players to create stories both during the time jump and after, buying in to the aspects of survival horror DR was founded on.

"I saw the end in sight. The last of the zed were being finished off and for a moment we had respite. As the sun dawned over the forest to the east of Hayven we could no longer see shadows moving from the wood line. My cousin stood beside me, they're eyes looking not at the woods, but through. That was the last time I saw the light behind those bright baby blues. While we couldn't see them, the wind had picked up, and on that summer breeze we could smell the rot and filth and decay coming. We could hear the moans coupling with the movement of the trees. We thought we had an hour, we were told we had at least half that. No one expected to hear them just five minutes out. It has been a year since this began and though I believe my cousin, strong as they are, will survive, I know today that their mind will not.”



The Arsenal & Card Trade-Ins

Hello again!

It’s only been a few days, but we missed you. We hope you’re enjoying the sub-90s temperatures as much as we are.

Today, we have two very excellent topics.
1: 2.0 - 3.0 Trade-In Store. The details have been finalized, we’ll share them with you and talk about how it’s gonna happen in NJ.
2: The Arsenal. Who are they? What are they building in there?

2.0 - 3.0 Item Trade-In Store
If you click HERE, you’ll find the conversation rates for transferring your items and cards from 2.0 to 3.0. There’s a handy chart to reference.
If you want to poke around to see how many points you’ll have to spend, Arkansas made a really handy sheet you can use (we recommend downloading a copy for yourself). You can find that HERE.

For those who want to get a jump start, we will have someone (location to be announced) all Sunday at the August event who can trade cards in for you. If you won’t need your 2.0 cards after NJ and before Downfall, this is a great option to beat the lines.

The Trade-In store will be “open” throughwhatever your first 3.0 event is. So, if you can’t make the August or September event, you will still have an opportunity to trade-in.

The Arsenal

Want to know more about Hayvens newest neighbors, circa 3.0? Enjoy. :)

Located at the center of the Pictin Alliance is The Arsenal. Rather than a governing body that enforces laws onto satellite settlements, The Arsenal looks to reach compromises and enact a form of democracy between the settlements of the alliance.

While acting as a mediator for the Pictin Alliance is a secondary duty, the primary duty of The Arsenal is weapons acquisition, intelligence and chemical experimentation for the benefit of all. These range from information regarding potential sentient, undead and raider threat which is then relayed via limited Digitarian technology to the surrounding settlements, to upkeep and distribution of a host of large munitions strategically set to aid allies. Lastly, The Arsenal’s deep bunkers and halls hold knowledge of experiments that continue to this day. While always for the greater good, these sometimes have a side effect of creating dangerous combinations with the subjects. On rare occasion an Arsenal soldier has been witnessed taking on many times their numbers, only to die moments after. The causes are many times speculated but yet to be confirmed.

Comprised mainly of militant Digitarians of no particular faith, nearly all strains are represented in The Arsenals numbers, with a high count of Yorkers, Semper Morts and Irons.

Militant and backed with strength of arms, The Arsenal is still fair and loyal to the Pictin Alliance, often sending word of incoming threat, munitions, and soldiers whenever the need arises.

Thats it for today. We hope you have a wonderful weekend, whether its at a DR event or something else awesome. We’ll see you soon!



T-Minus One Month

3.0 is nearly here. We’ve spent plenty of time talking about the new mechanic system. Today, to launch this blog, we wanted to focus on the parts we really enjoy. The story.

Alongside the new mechanics system, the network as a whole is doing a 3 year time-jump. The purpose of that is to allow us to flush out as much of the old story, factions, and local setting as we need to give Hayven a place to explore different stories and new experiences.

Its not so long that the world will be unrecognizable, or that all the current characters have to be gone. In fact we’ve given you, the players, the power to decide how much your character has changed. We’ve heard from some players who are keeping things pretty much the same, while taking the chance for some super sweet costuming updates. We’ve heard from others who plan on revamping their existing characters from the ground up.

Some things from the Experience Design desk will be familiar. Hayven is still in the same IC location. The buildings and spots you know and love are still there (at least until the campground lets us start knocking stuff down… :) ). Old Yorke is still over there, and we’re sure that when things happen in the wider world that we’ll see influences touch Hayven.

But we’re changing the focus.
With a new, more locally based focus on the town of Hayven and its closest sister settlement: The Arsenal, we’ve paved new roads for new stories and new chapters in already established ones.

Please enjoy this write-up from Toms Experience Design desk. Over the next few weeks, we are excited to share with you more information on the new local, find out what part you and your characters will have in it and what we’ll shape the world to be. The apocalypse happened, we survived. Now, lets build something new.


Hayven has always been a town built around the survival of its inhabitants. Taken with blood one frozen night, the town of Hayven has seen many changes over the years. From a guard holding vigil, keeping the worst of the threats at bay to living in the shadow of Old York and the Affiliates, Hayven stood the test of time.

Recently, Hayven solidified.

Hayvenites brought themselves together not as their former gangs in a near lawless town, but under one unified banner, resolute on survival of themselves and their closest allies. Under the central point of The Arsenal, Hayven stands as one of the few locations that have eked out a sense of security within twenty miles of the central hub of the region.

The fall came and went and in its aftermath a new dark age of destruction and lack of infrastructure swept the world. With time, survivors grew. Hayven now stands as a beacon of growing military might and chemistry, utilizing knowledge brought by Digitarians to create a vanguard against the tides of Undead and Raiders or worse; against the living who would see it all torn down.

The transformation from a small town of brewers and cut throats to the burgeoning focal point of the alliance between the regional settlements is what players will explore. Political discourse, the front lines against the enemies of the wasteland, a heavy focus on war time mechanics and more are all things players of Dystopia Rising: New Jersey will encounter each event.

Supply runs, point defense, structural defense and rebuilding, troop movements and exploration of the allies motives are just part of what players will experience. Of course, this is just part of the world.

Dystopia Rising: New Jersey’s focus is on Survival Horror. While the sun shines the majority of our stories and modules will reflect the interactions between characters and the allies developed.

At night, expect the visceral horror of the Undead rasping on your door. The lone mad man lurking in the woods seeking subjects for their next experiment. Delve into what darkness hides in the minds of survival in the post apocalypse.

We welcome you to Hayven here at Dystopia Rising: New Jersey. The front lines of The Arsenal, and the last place you want to be when the sun sets.