First, thank you to everyone who came out to the first ever NJ 3.0 event. We had a really great time and hope you’re as excited as we are to settle into the new world and system to tell great stories. As always, our feedback form is open for your thoughts. You can find it HERE. Remember, we don’t track you on social media or know how to read minds (yet, at least). So we can only work with what you give us. We want your feedback.


Rules calls, errata and clarifications. What now?

3.0 is live, but we all know we’re going to run into kinks and hiccups as the new system is used on the massive scale that is the DR network. So here’s how it’ll work when something comes up at an event:
1: The Guides in the field, or the players involved, will see that something needs a call made.
2: Whoever is in charge will figure out what’s best for the scene/game/players involved, and make a call.
3: Afterwards, they fill out a short “Field Call Feedback” form on our website. You can check it out HERE.
4: Every quarter (three months, by the calendar) we’ll compile all the forms that came in and send it over to DRLLC. Every branch will be doing this, not just NJ.
5: The Dev Team at DRLLC reviews all the submitted field calls and determines if/where there needs to be a network-wide clarification/change/errata.
6: They’ll pass those things back to us and we’ll post them up on our website for everyone to see. We’ll probably make a separate page for it, time will tell.

What does that mean for you?
It means that if there’s a call in the field, the Guide (or the players, collaboratively, if its something on a small scale and doesn’t need a Guide to be called) can make a call and run with it for the scene/event. This doesn’t mean any of us should be fudging rules or doing something outside the book, but it gives us the ability to smoothly keep things running.
It also means you as a player can submit a form if you want to make sure we know something during an event was confusing and nobody was entirely sure of the right answer.
It also also means that you might run into a different ruling in the future, once a clarification has come out. And that’s ok. The goal of an event is to have a fun time, tell good stories and make cool friends. The mechanic system exists to support that, not overshadow it.

The ultimate goal of this process is to continue to provide a clear, easily accessible path for us to hear about items that come up, see them in full and figure them out. If you have questions, you know where to find us like normal.

October is for Scary Shit

October has always been a month for delving into horror for Dystopia Rising New Jersey. This year we plan on upholding that tradition.

In the aftermath of the three-year horde we are discovering that people took varied methods for survival. While many came together under the PicTin Alliance, some looked to their immediate associates to take what they needed by force. While the focus was on the undead, small bands of highway robbers, thieves and extortionists took root in the less defended areas surrounding Hayven. This event will put focus on those sections and factions. Players will have opportunities to defeat, work with or think outside the box as you meet (meat?) some of the people living on the outskirts of New Hayven.

Horror is not just bodies coming back to life; It's seeing into the worst of humanity. In addition to these cancerous roots taking hold and now being allowed to thrive without the constant threat of the undead, a more dangerous threat exists. With the dead coming back and reclaiming their lost lives, a chance to peer into the knowledge held by the minds of the deceased has opened.

While normally a scene within the Gravemind is a mostly verbal psychological affair, this October we bring back a player favorite. A fully Opt In experience to test your mettle. We expect this to be an -electrifying- experience for those who choose to endure and see what they can decipher in the dark and swirl of the dead.

Those who would like to participate in a more hands-on experience this event will have the opportunity to review a write-up of the scenario and its contents on site and then sign-up for a short time-block during the event. Who knows what secrets await…


Thanks for reading.
In case you missed it earlier this week, pre-reg and self-check-in for October is live now. Let us know if we’ll see you and what you’d like to see at the event. Toms got plans, but there’s always room for more spooky shit. It is October after all!

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