3.0 is nearly here. We’ve spent plenty of time talking about the new mechanic system. Today, to launch this blog, we wanted to focus on the parts we really enjoy. The story.

Alongside the new mechanics system, the network as a whole is doing a 3 year time-jump. The purpose of that is to allow us to flush out as much of the old story, factions, and local setting as we need to give Hayven a place to explore different stories and new experiences.

Its not so long that the world will be unrecognizable, or that all the current characters have to be gone. In fact we’ve given you, the players, the power to decide how much your character has changed. We’ve heard from some players who are keeping things pretty much the same, while taking the chance for some super sweet costuming updates. We’ve heard from others who plan on revamping their existing characters from the ground up.

Some things from the Experience Design desk will be familiar. Hayven is still in the same IC location. The buildings and spots you know and love are still there (at least until the campground lets us start knocking stuff down… :) ). Old Yorke is still over there, and we’re sure that when things happen in the wider world that we’ll see influences touch Hayven.

But we’re changing the focus.
With a new, more locally based focus on the town of Hayven and its closest sister settlement: The Arsenal, we’ve paved new roads for new stories and new chapters in already established ones.

Please enjoy this write-up from Toms Experience Design desk. Over the next few weeks, we are excited to share with you more information on the new local, find out what part you and your characters will have in it and what we’ll shape the world to be. The apocalypse happened, we survived. Now, lets build something new.


Hayven has always been a town built around the survival of its inhabitants. Taken with blood one frozen night, the town of Hayven has seen many changes over the years. From a guard holding vigil, keeping the worst of the threats at bay to living in the shadow of Old York and the Affiliates, Hayven stood the test of time.

Recently, Hayven solidified.

Hayvenites brought themselves together not as their former gangs in a near lawless town, but under one unified banner, resolute on survival of themselves and their closest allies. Under the central point of The Arsenal, Hayven stands as one of the few locations that have eked out a sense of security within twenty miles of the central hub of the region.

The fall came and went and in its aftermath a new dark age of destruction and lack of infrastructure swept the world. With time, survivors grew. Hayven now stands as a beacon of growing military might and chemistry, utilizing knowledge brought by Digitarians to create a vanguard against the tides of Undead and Raiders or worse; against the living who would see it all torn down.

The transformation from a small town of brewers and cut throats to the burgeoning focal point of the alliance between the regional settlements is what players will explore. Political discourse, the front lines against the enemies of the wasteland, a heavy focus on war time mechanics and more are all things players of Dystopia Rising: New Jersey will encounter each event.

Supply runs, point defense, structural defense and rebuilding, troop movements and exploration of the allies motives are just part of what players will experience. Of course, this is just part of the world.

Dystopia Rising: New Jersey’s focus is on Survival Horror. While the sun shines the majority of our stories and modules will reflect the interactions between characters and the allies developed.

At night, expect the visceral horror of the Undead rasping on your door. The lone mad man lurking in the woods seeking subjects for their next experiment. Delve into what darkness hides in the minds of survival in the post apocalypse.

We welcome you to Hayven here at Dystopia Rising: New Jersey. The front lines of The Arsenal, and the last place you want to be when the sun sets.