Hello again!

It’s only been a few days, but we missed you. We hope you’re enjoying the sub-90s temperatures as much as we are.

Today, we have two very excellent topics.
1: 2.0 - 3.0 Trade-In Store. The details have been finalized, we’ll share them with you and talk about how it’s gonna happen in NJ.
2: The Arsenal. Who are they? What are they building in there?

2.0 - 3.0 Item Trade-In Store
If you click HERE, you’ll find the conversation rates for transferring your items and cards from 2.0 to 3.0. There’s a handy chart to reference.
If you want to poke around to see how many points you’ll have to spend, Arkansas made a really handy sheet you can use (we recommend downloading a copy for yourself). You can find that HERE.

For those who want to get a jump start, we will have someone (location to be announced) all Sunday at the August event who can trade cards in for you. If you won’t need your 2.0 cards after NJ and before Downfall, this is a great option to beat the lines.

The Trade-In store will be “open” throughwhatever your first 3.0 event is. So, if you can’t make the August or September event, you will still have an opportunity to trade-in.

The Arsenal

Want to know more about Hayvens newest neighbors, circa 3.0? Enjoy. :)

Located at the center of the Pictin Alliance is The Arsenal. Rather than a governing body that enforces laws onto satellite settlements, The Arsenal looks to reach compromises and enact a form of democracy between the settlements of the alliance.

While acting as a mediator for the Pictin Alliance is a secondary duty, the primary duty of The Arsenal is weapons acquisition, intelligence and chemical experimentation for the benefit of all. These range from information regarding potential sentient, undead and raider threat which is then relayed via limited Digitarian technology to the surrounding settlements, to upkeep and distribution of a host of large munitions strategically set to aid allies. Lastly, The Arsenal’s deep bunkers and halls hold knowledge of experiments that continue to this day. While always for the greater good, these sometimes have a side effect of creating dangerous combinations with the subjects. On rare occasion an Arsenal soldier has been witnessed taking on many times their numbers, only to die moments after. The causes are many times speculated but yet to be confirmed.

Comprised mainly of militant Digitarians of no particular faith, nearly all strains are represented in The Arsenals numbers, with a high count of Yorkers, Semper Morts and Irons.

Militant and backed with strength of arms, The Arsenal is still fair and loyal to the Pictin Alliance, often sending word of incoming threat, munitions, and soldiers whenever the need arises.

Thats it for today. We hope you have a wonderful weekend, whether its at a DR event or something else awesome. We’ll see you soon!