Hello! We’re back! The August event is this weekend and we hope you’re as pumped about it as we are.

Today, we have an update on the 3.0 Trade-In store and some great info on the horde that overtakes Hayven in the 3 year gap coming up.

If anyone has written or wants to write up a piece on what happens to their character in the time-jump, let us know. We might be able to share it with the rest of the group (don’t be fooled, we’re just excited to hear about what you have a vision of!)


2.0-3.0 Trade In Store (updated)

Thanks to a great suggestion from Aesa in Texas, we’ve added “Survivors Talisman” to the mix. Check it out in the updated file, which you can find HERE.

We’ve also added Creature Comforts and Traps into the chart, they got missed somehow in the first version.

Remember that we’ll have someone on site all Sunday this weekend who will be available to do your trade-ins for you. Make some plans ahead of time and beat the rush by getting it done this weekend!

The Three Year Horde

One of the main antagonists in the world of Dystopia Rising is the omnipresent threat of being chewed alive by zombies. Zombies in the world of Dystopia Rising are like the weather; A constant force of nature that we are powerless to stop.

When one zombie sees prey and moans, it triggers a cascade effect. The zombie ten feet away hears that moan and follows the sound towards food. Thirty feet from that one, another follows. This chain reaction can reach for miles an converge into what we call hordes.

Just like in pre-fall, Hayven is situated in a densely populated area in the post-fall world, situated between multiple major cities and the former most densely populated area in the United States. It is reasonable to see how the "weather" here could be frightening.

As DR:NJ has grown and evolved, technology has slowly progressed. Music can be heard filling the air on any given night, the hum of generators whirl on and the sound of fighting can be hard both for survival and sport. You can see the problem.

That zombie heard the sound of a band playing two years ago in the double tap and moaned. Another heard this, moaned, and drew in more. More and more were drawn in in an avalanche of bodies that will culminate in wave after wave of zed hammering the region of the Pictin Alliance for years to come. During this time, survivors can expect to be hit with massive hordes of bodies almost every hour and sometimes lasting hours on end. In the end, the number of dead will be incalculable. The psychological damage of being under siege with limited access to the outside world save for the few and lucky who manage to squeeze between the masses clustered and converging on Hayven will be immense. Paranoid, sleep deprived and malnourished, the survivors of Hayven during this three year long siege will come out stronger in the end. We hope to explore this aspect in DR:NJ 3.0 as a year long arc in the aftermath of such a siege and look to our players to create stories both during the time jump and after, buying in to the aspects of survival horror DR was founded on.

"I saw the end in sight. The last of the zed were being finished off and for a moment we had respite. As the sun dawned over the forest to the east of Hayven we could no longer see shadows moving from the wood line. My cousin stood beside me, they're eyes looking not at the woods, but through. That was the last time I saw the light behind those bright baby blues. While we couldn't see them, the wind had picked up, and on that summer breeze we could smell the rot and filth and decay coming. We could hear the moans coupling with the movement of the trees. We thought we had an hour, we were told we had at least half that. No one expected to hear them just five minutes out. It has been a year since this began and though I believe my cousin, strong as they are, will survive, I know today that their mind will not.”