Hello again!

As we slide into the event weekend, we have one last big 3.0 announcement to tell you about. It’s about the structure of the network as a whole and while we’ll be the first to admit that change can be scary, we’re very excited about how the bright the future looks with this stuff. So, join us for a couple handfuls of words.


We have some great announcements for you today!!

There has been a lot of discussion behind the scenes about how we can use the opportunity of 3.0 to make the changes that will make all of the games stronger and give you guys a better experience. There were many things in 2.0 that we all did out of habit from old Larps or because it never occurred to us that we could or should change them and today we have some new directions that break some old barriers and will take us all in a much better and more fun direction.

Recently all of the branches were given a vote on these changes and I can say that we here at NJ voted yes as we are very excited. Below we will bullet point the main ideas.

- Local Branches are now taking center stage: This is the main focus of the changes below. DRLLC realized that what you all love about Dystopia Rising is the relationship you have with us at your local branch so they are taking real steps to give us more control, more say and more of a share of the profits. All of this is done so that we can make a better experience for you and so you can support us like you always have but more directly. The points below are the plan on how we will do that

- Collaboration: Those of you who have reached out about 3.0 may have noticed that we were able to give your feedback directly to the development teams and get answers and updated based on it. This is because the branch runners now have more of a direct say in how we operate and what gets done. These changes below for instance were put up for a vote and all of the branches decided that this was the way to go unanimously. So going forward we will be able to give your voices a bigger platform through our votes.

- Premier Events: Instead of having one big national event like Downfall or Uprise which everyone has to travel to, we will be moving to “Premier Events” which are special story events that every branch gets to run. This means that you no longer have to get on a plane to be part of the big event of the year, but also you have the opportunity to do so as there will be big events at every branch.

These events will either be the kick off or midway point of our years major story arch and will also have elements of world story that every branch will share as well as regional plot that we will work on with our neighbors in DR MA.

These premier events will have the ability to gain additional Build just like was the case for Downfall as well. The goal is to make what was national stories now local stories told on a network wide scale.

- Downfall: Because of this move to Premier Events Downfall will not be run this year. We want to start 3.0 off on the right foot with the Premier Events so we had to choose one or the other. As we got to vote on it, even as the branch that was executing Downfall for the last 9 years we knew that this would be best for all of the branches including you guys as you can now have this same fun in your back yard.

For those of you who were excited to take part in Downfall we have great news for you. As we are the team that was going to execute the event we will be running the Downfall event as the first Premier NJ event next month on September 27-29 at Camp Sac. (We’re going to see if we can start the event Thursday, we’ll let you know when we find out.) So you will be able to have all the fun of Downfall in your home branch just like old times : )

For those of you who already pre registered for Downfall don't worry we've got you. There is a separate post that will explain all of that linked here below, but the tl;dr version is we understand the concerns and will make it work for you.

You can go HERE to see the info from INC. Anyone who purchased a ticket should also receive an email to the address listed in their ticket purchase.

- Regions: In order to tell the bigger stories without the national events we have broken the country into 5 Regions. Each region will have a linked story that the branches will work together on collaboratively to add larger story elements. Regions can also work together to make even bigger world story.

This will also help us address event overlap in the future and best plan the Premier Events.

- Sharing Membership: DR LLC has very graciously offered to share in the profits of the Advanced Memberships to us running the branches. So starting in September if one of you buys an Advanced Membership, which is great and you should totally do it ( ; , the DR NJ branch will profit from that sale. So now you will be supporting us locally which will help us to run our events, afford more production and likely allow Tom to get more tattoos.

This was an incredibly generous offer from DR LLC to us and to you so that you can know that your money is going to support us directly.

- Merchandise: Lastly soon all merch will be sold by us directly, which will allow us here at DR NJ to make more specific merch about our local stories and customs as well as allowing us to profit directly from all merch sales and not just those we did in person. This is also a very generous effort from DR llc to allow us to thrive from your purchases and to show you that your purchases go to good causes like allowing Liv to only go through your trash because it's a hobby.

I know that all of the branches are very excited about this and I can say that we here at DR NJ are absolutely excited about all of these opportunities as well. Thank you all for joining us for the amazing times in 2.0 but we would like to say that it is looking like 3.0 is shaping up to be even more of an exciting time.