Today, we have a… three-fer? One more than the normal two-fer. We’ll let you make up your own term for it if you want. English is a weird language.

First, a cool update on Advanced Memberships and merch. Then, a double-feature from our Experience Design team on some stuff you’ll see at the Sept event and in the future.

As always, if there are topics you’d like to hear more about, let us know in the comments!


Advanced Memberships and Merch!

We told you awhile ago that advanced memberships were going to be moving to be sold at the branch level. Well, it’s happened! You can now buy your membership directly from us! We’re also working on building a full merch store that you can buy from online and then pick up at your next event (or have shipped, up to you). More to come on the merch stuff, but for today here is the link to where you can buy advanced memberships.

Advanced Membership page!


PicTin Alliance Map & Fractures: Sept 2019 edition

Today we wanted to talk a bit about some of the new things coming to DR:NJ for our Premiere event this month.

Two key features are going to be introduced this event. The PicTin Alliance Map as well as the story surrounding Opt In Fractures. The map has a lot more to do than just giving the characters of DR:NJ updates on the current status of their allies. Which brings us to a great point.

You’ll need your allies. The world is about to get darker and it’s not enough to be able to swing a stick, amass wealth or talk your way out of situations. One ally might offer resources, another munitions and yet another food. The amount of goods produced and changes to mods will be evolving on a monthly basis depending on what players do.

What are some of these things players can do? Players will be able to assist on modules that will specifically help one ally or another. Players will be able to secure resources for allies and divide them as they see fit. Players with certain “skill sets” might even be able to hinder or redirect resources, employ sabotage or create scapegoats. All of these actions will have an effect that will be seen in how characters coming from those allied areas react to Hayven, the deals they might give players or a plethora of other nuanced changes.

A tid bit of information based on our August event supply distribution and the details of a future post. “High Point” and “Dark Water” are looking damn good right now. The others might not have fared as well during the seige of the undead.

Next up is some basic information about fractures. Players who opt into taking different numbers of fractures will be given an opportunity to affect the map in varying ways. Why is this? Why would fractures give a character a bit of an extra say?

The fact is the world is dark. The world is cruel and a siege of this magnitude would fracture those who put themselves on the front lines, who gave up their food ration for others, who spent twelve hours in surgery. This commands a level of respect with those of the PicTin Alliance. While we like to have fun and joke about how “crazy” our characters are, we ask that if you are interested in taking the fractures so that you can give your character an excuse to be afraid of pickles. Don’t.

We want to inform the roleplay of this level of devastation, not mock it, with mechanics that back up that roleplay and in doing so, engage players with a different avenue of modules. Maybe it means your character is startled by loud noises. Maybe your character flees first before engaging undead, assessing the situation fully before attacking. Maybe your character will draw a gun on a Retrograde if they suddenly come into view.

At the end of the day, fractures were built into the new system as a way for players to explore that aspect of living in a rough world. But it should never be something used as an opportunity to be silly, gimmicky or otherwise “light-hearted”. If you’re unsure how to respectfully explore these kinds of ideas, we definitely encourage you to talk to your fellow players or reach out to the team.

And if you have a friend or fellow player who seems like they could use some guidance, offer to help. They might not want input, but if we can work from a base of assuming best intentions, we can all grow and do better.

With these two things (to start) we are excited to bring this next level of dark horror to the game.