Module Submission Form

When filling out this form, please adhere to the word counts provided. For NPC names and descriptions, please refer to the Writer Handbook.

If you are planning on writing a module with Strains involved, remember to list the strain and what stats you envision them having, depending on the module. As an example, you can do “high stats” if you have a more combat-focused module in mind or “low stats” if you have a more roleplay-focused module in mind.


Name *
5 word or less title descriptor of the module
40 words or less. Example: 3 Lascarians who are all from the same tribe and dress similarly. Low stats. Example: 10 Warpath Raiders. High stats.
Between 200 and 350 Words. Please provide the description of what your NPCs are doing, their drives, and how players can engage with this scenario. Remember that if you just have NPCs interacting with each other, there’s no way a player can necessarily engage.
1 or 2 word location descriptor.
List any props or set-up required for this module. 40 words or less. Please keep the props already found at the local game in mind.