Happy Thursday! Today has three things. One out-of-character and two in-character.

The out-of-character first.

In response to popular request, buy-back for events is becoming available again. This is something being made available network-wide. In many ways, it’s the same as it used to be. We’ll lay it out in bullet-points and if you have any questions, please ask.

  • Buy-back is available from the Downfall 2019 dates (Sept 15, 2019, the launch of 3.0) on. This means someone could buy-back the Sept 2019 NJ event, but not the August 2019 NJ event.

  • Buy-back is available only at the branch the player was housed at as “local” on the dates of the event (same as in 2.0, for reference).

  • If you had an Advanced Membership on the dates of the event being purchased, all characters will be checked in as though you attended the event in person.

  • A player may buy-back their home branches Premiere Event and build, but must purchase the event to also get the build. To prevent transfer abuse, a player may only purchase one local Premiere Event as non-attending per calendar year.

An item has been added to the NJ Ticket store for easy access. You can reach us at Contact@DystopiaRisingNJ.com any time with questions.

On to story stuff!
First, we are going to talk about the Dystopia Rising New Jersey Wasteland.

The wasteland is a region in each game of Dystopia Rising that allow players to opt into a more "dangerous" region outside the normal limits of the town. Mechanically speaking, this means that the need to negotiate CVC is not immediately required within the wasteland, as it is understood by going there that this CVC can occur. Our game of DR:NJ is great for this as we have a fairly distinct line that separates the town from the wasteland.

Hayven is surrounded by a large, looping road. This road is the beginning of the limits of the edge of town. So what does that mean? The game area is too large to specifically say at each border where the wasteland begins and ends. It is understood that the roads and everything inside that loop is part of the town. Each building is also considered part of the town. There are also a few designated areas that define the beginning of the wasteland.

  • The Gates denote the border of the wasteland.

  • The entrance to the forest paths to the North East of the Double Tap is the entrance to the wastelands.

  • The Sign (to be placed) at the edge of the beach denotes the beginning of the wasteland.

  • The edge of the maze (with sign) heading to Totem Pole Hill field is the entrance to the wasteland.

Beyond that the wasteland is also defined as an area of woods about 100 feet in from any roads, buildings or known town areas that are not within the center loop of Hayven. If there is a question if you are or are not in the wasteland, then you are not.

We hope to add signs as time goes on that can be placed at regular intervals through some more traveled wooded areas to show these borders but for now we hope that this clarifies the locations to a better degree.

In addition! Players who bring their own structures such as pop up tents or other created spaces that do not take awake game or sleeping space from other players or unduly hinder access to a game area can be designated, by the owning players as wasteland with clear signage.

NEXT! The six financial institutions that make up the PicTin alliance and have influence within the game space. These institutions are defined below:

Regional Allies of the PicTin Alliance

The Arsenal: At the center of the physical area the PicTin Alliance, The Arsenal supplies the region with heavy firepower support as well as combat drugs and pharmaceuticals.

High Point: An economic powerhouse of the PicTin Alliance, High Point supplies the region with threat intelligence as well as Raw Materials to produce finished products.

Dark Water: Close to Hayven, Dark Water supplies the region with Special Operations operatives as well as dangerous/hard to find weapons and gizmos.

Fyzor: A group of medical professionals supplying the region with medical equipment and anti-disease related drugs and research as well as scientific information.

Jay and Jay Enterprises: A fiscally savvy multi-venture conglomerate, Jay and Jay Enterprises supplies the region with trade notes as well as non-martial finished goods and engineering type equipment.

Barrens End: Comprising of Landsmen, the Barrens End supply the region with game meat, fish and more primitive tools of survival as well as general supplies found from foraging.

These can also be found on the PicTin Alliance Map located prominently in the Double Tap.

Remember that there are skills such as Financial Influence which will allow you to work with these institutions, making them grow (or fail) and change the way they interact with Hayven.

Lastly, our team is setting up some interactive spaces where roleplay to assist these factions can be done with the understanding that a toyetic (physically interactive) experience will be required to complete the assigned job. Some of our players have seen the Bullet Press as a prime example of what these experiences will be.

We look forward to bringing these new experiences to you and if anyone has ideas on what they would like to see in terms of these interactive experience please be sure to send us your ideas.

In the end, we want to hear from you. Is there something you want us to talk about in a future blog post? Leave a comment! Coming to the next event? RSVP and/or pre-register to let us know! Want to tell us something? Submit a Feedback Form!